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What to do and see: You have chosen Elsinore Central Denmark Denmark, and here are experiences for everyone.
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French and Italian cuisine also ranks among the world´s best..
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Denmark is a beautiful country, great nature and a very friendly and welcoming population. Choose a region, a city or an attraction you would like to visit, or read more about.

Denmark is divided into 5 regions

This is Central Denmark

Denmark Regions: Denmark is divided into 5 regions, each one more exciting than the other, - This is
Central Denmark..
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Elsinore Denmark

Elsinore  Denmark  Cityzens: 61.000
Religion: Cristian  Region: Capital Region of Denmark
  Helsingør Kommune: Mayor Benedikte Kiær
Municipality Population: 63.000
Larger City Copenhagen
Main Airport: Copenhagen
Distance to: Copenhagen 53 Km.
Currency: DKK
Elsinore belongs to: Denmark
Countrycode: DK  Continent: Europe

Elsinore is a culture city with deep roots in history. World famous for Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare´s Hamlet near Øresund, which was the basis for the city´s prosperity for more than 400 years. In recent times was focused on Elsinore Shipyard - now converted to Culture Yard, a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theater, main library, etc. The Culture harbor, which is under construction with particular the new Maritime Museum, connects the Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.
Local Language

Religion in Denmark

The official religion in the country of Denmark is Evangelical Lutheran / Cristian,  as stated in Paragraph 4 of the Danish Constitution. There areSelsoe also other religions recognized by the constitution. About 85 percent of the Danish population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran religion, while 3 percent are Roman Catholics, and less than 2 percent are Muslim.

Here is some basic information on the Evangelical Lutheran doctrine and practices. Lutheranism, as it is also known, was founded by Martin Luther, who was a priest in the 16th century. Among the central beliefs in Lutheranism involve good works, grace, and faith as a means of salvation. According to surveys, about 5 percent of the Evangelical Lutheran population in Denmark is able to attend the weekly religious services. In the capital city of Copenhagen, about 66 percent of residents are included in the Lutheran membership.

In the Evangelical Lutheran religion, there are two sacraments recognized, as compared to seven in the Roman Catholic faith. Lutherans perform baptism and the Eucharist, which are included in the High Mass. The weekly High Mass includes readings from the Old and New Testament of the Bible, as well as hymns and praises. There are also other rituals performed like confession, confirmation, and marriage, but these are not included as sacraments under Lutheran faith.

Aside from its adherence to Christian practices, the country is abundant with churches that serve as popular tourist attractions, primarily because of the beautiful architecture and religious significance of the buildings with the history of the Danish. One of the oldest churches is the Cathedral Church in the city of Arhus, which was completed in the 13th century. The original building features Romanesque designs, but was later on restored in Gothic style after it burned in the 1400&rsquo s. The Arhus Cathedral is dedicated to St. Clemens, who is also the patron of sailors. Another notable church that is visited by tourists is the Roskilde Cathedral, with Gothic and French inspired architecture. This building was completed in the late 1200&rsquo s, and became a mausoleum for the Danish royal family. Many other notable churches still stand today in various cities in Denmark.

There is a small percentage of the population in Denmark who still adhere to the Old Norse religion, much like other nations in Scandinavia like Greenland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. The Norse religion was established in the middle ages by the Vikings. Some of the supernatural beings that belong in the myths of the Norse are Thor, Odin, Loki, Tyr, and Freyja.

Denmark is well-known for its many celebrations that hold religious and cultural importance. There are religious events that are celebrated in Denmark, but not because of their holiness or significance to the doctrines, but because of their special cultural meaning. An example of this is the most important holiday of the year for the Danish, which is Christmas. Every year, tons of tourists flock to Danish destinations to celebrate the Yuletide season.

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Restaurant noma

noma Copenhagen Denmark
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